Pinnacle Consortium (Pvt) Limited is a multi-disciplinary firm that is professional and highly versatile. The primary focus of our organisation involves the spheres of architecture, engineering, project management and development consulting. Over a period of time we have consistently acquired a wide array of experience in the design and construction of buildings and development projects ranging from Offices, Hospitals, Hotels, Industrial Complexes, Ware-houses, Private& Public Housing, Shopping Complexes, and Educational Facilities. The assortment of specialized services offered at present by the firm include architecture, engineering, urban design, quantity surveying, and environmental design, landscape architecture, interior design, and project management. As we have gradually arrived at a critical juncture in the progression of design and construction industry along with the increased use of technology to enhance and simplify the process, as a firm we have accumulated a vast knowledge bank in the field of computing in addition to the utilization of extensive computer facilities for design and management of building and development.


Pinnacle Consortium (Pvt) Limited has devoted more than fifteen years of service towards perfecting the areas of Architecture, Engineering and Project management. The rationale behind the purpose and function of the organization is to provide a completely integrated service, which can result in better co-ordination, direct lines of responsibility, immediate response and interaction with clients, and the full capability for timely and detailed follow-up action. Further, this method of operation ensures continuity in project servicing by the assignment of experienced in-house professionals. A team is mobilized with individuals who have honed various skills and developed specific areas of expertise within the organisation; they carry out each project under the tutelage of a senior professional. The team receives the extensive support of the entire organisation. In addition, because of the complexity and sophistication of certain projects, in the best interest of the project related services, highly qualified and internationally reputed consultants have been utilized when the occasion calls for it. A schedule of proven consultants is maintained by the organization for expeditious recruitment. 


Creativity within the spectrum of architecture is a quality that is intangible, and has much to do with instinct and taste. Distinct functions and technology are amalgamated to achieve the best possible result for the client at all times. Invariably, the architectural creativity exuded by our firm gives a particular environment its novel character and presence. The architectural personalities that ply their trade in our firm, each puts forth a plethora of characteristic approaches in accordance with their special interests. Their individuality and creativity is of vital importance, not only to the strength and adaptability of the firm but also to the quality of the contribution made as architects and planners. Individual expertise and creativity is backed-up by offering the guidance of numerous experienced personnel and also the time necessary to travel to other countries, in order to discuss and explore new ideas. We also encourage participation in our meetings and seminars, and an emphasis on keeping abreast with the changing requirements of professional practice. The objectives are to create an environment that is functional, pleasant, and attainable within the economic framework allotted for the task at hand. It is in the execution of this objective that complications and complexities often arise. Attainment of such goals demands a solid organization with proven procedures, a full complement of services and resources, and above all, a versatile team of professional personnel with a high degree of creative and technical ability. Having analysed what is required in order to excel at this level, we proudly proclaim that out firm indeed possesses this strength.

Our firm's objective is to create an environment that people identify with. Towards this end, an integral part of any project is the level of client involvement. It is only through the establishment of a close working relationship between the architect, his technical team, and the client, that the aforementioned objective can be realized.


Our firm offers a complete scope of   Technological, Engineering and Architectural services.
They include:

  • Architectural Design
  • Site planning
  • Structural Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Interior Design
  • Preparation of Contract Document
  • Cost analysis and Quantity surveying
  • Building Economics
  • Construction inspection
  • Construction Contract Administration
  • Project Management
  • Development Consulting
  • Infrastructure Development

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